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Featured September 18, 2018

Jen Knox

Open Times

2380 words (9 minutes) · 1 like

ClassicLiterary Fiction

An overworked doctor faces emergency surgery, a dearth of caffeine, and the challenge to inspire (or scare off) a group of med students—all before 8am. An Ohio-born writer, Jen Knox's work has been featured in The Best Small Fictions and nominated for a Pushcart prize, among many others.


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Featured September 12, 2018

KJ Kabza

The Game Room

3779 words (14 minutes) · 1 like

FantasyLiterary FictionStrange

After the death of their parents, five siblings face mysterious changes to their rambling old house: rooms shift in the night, and familiar doorways lead to unknown places. Author KJ Kabza’s short story collection THE RAMSHEAD ALGORITHM is now available from Pink Narcissus Press, and dozens of his stories can be found on Curious Fictions.


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Featured September 5, 2018

Laurence Moroney

The (De) Construction of Hu Yin Chao: Chapter 1

2049 words (8 minutes) · 4 likes

Science Fiction

We’re excited to share a new kind of story for you this week! Laurence Moroney is serializing his experimental hyperlinked novel on Curious Fictions, imagining the near-future dawn of artificial intelligence. Read the first 4 chapters today, and follow him to get notified about new updates.


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Featured August 28, 2018

Mary Anne Mohanraj

Esthely Blue

4457 words (17 minutes) · 5 likes


In “Esthely Blue,” a woman’s body begins to flicker out of existence before her very eyes. She seeks her own answers, even as well-intentioned loved ones press their own ideas about how to live upon her. Mary Anne Mohanraj is the award-winning author of short story collection Bodies in Motion, founder of Hugo-nominated Strange Horizons, and contributor to Roxane Gay's essay series Unruly Bodies, among many other publications. Note: explicit sexual content.


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Featured August 21, 2018

Marie Vibbert

The Time Mechanic

4060 words (15 minutes) · 8 likes

HumorScience FictionHistorical

A hapless tourist with a malfunctioning time machine has no choice but to beg help from Holly, a Prohibition-era mechanic in Dogleg Lick, Kentucky. Don’t miss this exuberant story by Marie Vibbert: 20-time published author, rollercoaster enthusiast, and former member of the Cleveland Fusion women’s football team.


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Featured August 14, 2018

Corie Ralston

Quantum Entanglement

4182 words (16 minutes) · 9 likes

Science Fiction

When nothing is certain, anything is possible. Two sisters on different life paths spin further from each other at every crossroads—but physicist Judith has a chance to change that. San Francisco Bay Area-based author Corie Ralston is a scientist at a synchrotron, where she studies proteins using x-rays.