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Elizabeth Hopkinson

A Short History of the Dream Library

Published Jun 25, 2019 · 2,503 words (10 minutes) · 3 likes · 7 views

Fantasy dreams prizewinning Humour

Milton Bisset has had the same dream every night for twenty years. The trouble is, it isn’t actually Milton’s dream.  It is the property of the Ministry of Unusual Technology and they want it back. Winner of the James White Award 2005.


Sydney was more than alive during the Vivid, a month when the whole city is lit up with lights, shows and food trucks everywhere. I stumbled upon this gelato truck and loved the colors and the retro design it featured so I sat down for a quick shot. I only had time for one shot and miraculously that one shot came out clean. I was lucky enough that the crowd walked behind me and all the workers were either behind or inside the van, one even blurred by the delayed exposure.. It’s not everyday you get luck like this in photography, it’s not everyday you get the cream of your dreams.



KJ Kabza


Published Jun 14, 2018 · 158 words (1 minute) · 343 views

Fantasy Horror Literary Fiction Strange flash fiction death dreams

Mysterious still shots of your dreams have always appeared in your phone the next morning. And it’s always been wonderful—until you start having nightmares.