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Seth Frost

The Deer Girl Hitches a Ride

Published May 22, 2019 · 2,428 words (9 minutes) · 2 likes · 9 views

Science Fiction

On her way to one of the last outposts of civilization in the West, a trucker picks up an unusual hitchhiker.



Jude-Marie Green

Til The Wildness Cried Aloud

Published May 21, 2019 · 2,936 words (11 minutes) · 19 views

Science Fiction SciFi ribofunk genetic manipulation

My first published story, this appeared in Say, Why Aren't We Crying? Paul DiFilippo labelled it 'ribofunk' in a kind review.

Lion Yawn


J.R.H. Lawless

The Terroir From Beyond Space

Published May 21, 2019 · 4,058 words (15 minutes) · 2 likes · 13 views

Horror Humor Satire Science Fiction Anthology Travel Solar System Cookbook food Drink space Report short story

In this early short story, originally published in the Ouen Press 2018 Short Story Competition Anthology, what starts out as a deep Solar System explorer's guide to food in space gradually turns into something more dire.

Chef’s Station


Seth Frost

Launch Window

Published May 21, 2019 · 4,247 words (16 minutes)

Science Fiction

Misty books a redeye flight to the Moon, desperate to stop her sister from making a terrible mistake.

This is just after sunset on July 15, 2018 in Irvine, CA USA. I was actually hoping to get a photo of Mercury, but am assured this was Venus.


Susan Forest

The Fat Man

Published May 21, 2019 · 5,098 words (19 minutes) · 10 views

Science Fiction sacrifice Apocalyptic Fiction Mother/daughter

When climate change and resource conflicts release a flood of US civil war refugees into Canada’s state of martial law, Miche and her daughter wonder if people can be saved by sacrificing a few. And if so, which few?

18 onspec fat man

story Series: Ongoing 6 Chapters

Holly Heisey

Good King Lyr

Updated May 17, 2019 · 48,045 words (175 minutes) · 130 views

Fantasy Science Fiction Romance far future serial heist nonbinary good king lyr lgbtq+ genderfluid space opera transgender

A con man. An immortal demigod. A chance at love that could save the universe. Good King Lyr is a slow-burn, genderfluid, ownvoices romance novel, serialized each week.

Goodkinglyr radishcutfile


Anatoly Belilovsky

Deep Into That Darkness Peering

Published May 15, 2019 · 1,942 words (8 minutes) · 1 like · 23 views

Classic Fantasy Horror Humor Literary Fiction Science Fiction Historical Poe Pastiche

One night in San Francisco, resentment, ennui, and Amontillado.

Candle Fire


Melissa Moorer

Known Forms (or How the Aliens Stole My Clone Babies for Jesus)

Published May 12, 2019 · 6,635 words (25 minutes) · 13 views

Literary Fiction Science Fiction speculative fiction parthenogenesis not alien abuction

This story, originally published in Gwenda Bond and Christopher Rowe's zine, Say..., is not an alien abduction story. Seriously.



Beth Goder

Our Weight on Other Worlds

Published May 10, 2019 · 738 words (3 minutes) · 1 like · 33 views

Science Fiction relationships



Beth Goder

How to Identify an Alien Shark

Published May 10, 2019 · 693 words (3 minutes) · 19 views

Humor Science Fiction Economists

This photo was taken on a snorkel trip out a few miles off the coast of Oahu. I had seen an add for swimming with sharks and couldn’t pass the opportunity up. They took us on a boat out to spot in the ocean where the sharks gathered and we just jumped in no cage or anything! There were at least 40+ sharks by the guides estimate. It was one of the most surreal and coolest experiences of my life to share the open ocean with these creatures! I happened to snap this photo with my GoPro.