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Found 2 works tagged 'retirement'.




James Van Pelt

The Road's End

Published Nov 10, 2020 · 3,116 words (12 minutes) · 351 views

Classic Fantasy Literary Fiction adventure retirement kingdom epic fantasy marriage

Carrie Vaughn wrote a beautiful story called "Strife Lingers in Memory." It appeared in Realms of Fantasy, as this story did. Carrie looked at epic fantasy, like Lord of the Rings, and asked what happens to the heroes after the battles are done? I loved the question, so I wrote my answer to the question. "The Road's End" is also in a conversation with Tennyson's poem, "Ulysses." How can an old man put aside his adventures when his entire life is based on the idea of "not to yield"?


We went to Germany for one day to explore some famous instagram photo spots. The first stop was Burg Eltz during sunrise. With no tourists there yet and this amazing fog covering the castle it was like a fairytale.



Susan Forest

Sun Splashed Fields and Far Blue Mountains

Published Apr 11, 2019 · 4,169 words (16 minutes) · 728 views

Science Fiction Love sacrifice medical money retirement

Love, sacrifice, and stem cell organ printing.