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Tim McDaniel

They Laughed at Me in Vienna, and again in Prague, and then in Belfast, and don’t Forget Hanoi! But I’ll Show Them! I’ll Show Them All, I Tell You!

Published Mar 27, 2018 · 4,184 words (16 minutes) · 485 views

Humor Science Fiction mad scientist science inventions conference presentations

Scientist Clive Crawley (mad! They called him mad, I tell you!) presents his inventions at conferences over the years, unaware that his son-in-law has been attending the conferences for his own secret reasons.


Instagram: @sebastian_staines
Featured November 2, 2017



Benjamin C. Kinney

The First Confirmed Case of Non-Corporeal Recursion: Patient Anita R.

Published Sep 17, 2017 · 3,443 words (13 minutes) · 5 likes · 788 views

Fantasy ghosts ghost stories ghost science

We have one more ghost story to share with you before we say goodbye to Halloween. This one may make you wonder: who says we can't change our fate after death? Benjamin C. Kinney is a writer and neuroscientist who loves to explore the intersection of science and faith, and the human and inhuman mind, and it sure shows in this story. Give it a read! If you like it, leave a tip, comment, or share with friends.

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