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Debra Jess

Worldcon Schedule

Published Jun 30, 2019 · 122 words (1 minute) · 116 views

fandom Superheroes Worldcon Con Life Panels Science Fiction Romance Marvel

If you're going to Worldcon this year, I just received my draft schedule.


Google’s HQ in Dublin, Ireland
Featured April 11, 2019



Laura Blackwell

The Posthumous Novel of Edward L. Heard

Published Apr 8, 2019 · 2,200 words (8 minutes) · 6 likes · 581 views

Fantasy unequal bargains life after death fandom

We’ve all known the pain of a series left unfinished, but no one felt it as keenly as Becca -- or were willing to trade away 6 years of life to fix it. But life-or-death trades don’t always go as planned, and Becca has a difficult decision to make. Author Laura Blackwell’s work has appeared in the World Fantasy Award-winning 'She Walks in Shadows,' Nightmare, PseudoPod, and more. She’s based in the San Francisco Bay Area and served as copy editor at Shimmer.

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