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Found 3 works tagged 'alien invasion'.




Phillip T. Stephens

Mimicking Human Behavior: A field guide for extraterrestrial visitors

Published May 5, 2019 · 1,337 words (5 minutes) · 129 views

Humor Satire Science Fiction manners tourism alien abduction alien invasion Alien etiquette

A compilation of etiquette tips for alien species to follow on their first visit to the planet. A new installment in the series “I Was Abducted by Aliens in a Former Life”


Aiien ettiquette



Elinor Caiman Sands

In the Sky with Diamonds

Published Mar 27, 2019 · 4,045 words (15 minutes) · 230 views

Science Fiction disability aliens cerebral palsy spaceship moon colony apocalypse spacecraft Apocalyptic Fiction The Moon alien invasion

Megan flees the Moon in her space capsule as terrifying aliens invade. But she must turn to confront them if she's to save not only her sister, but planet Earth as well. Originally published in the Defying Doomsday anthology of apocalypse fiction featuring disabled and chronically ill characters.


wack sleep schedule led to me being up around 5 in the morning instead of asleep :/
But at least I was able to snap this



Rhiannon R-S

The Hymn of Ordeal, No. 23

Published Feb 26, 2018 · 1,313 words (5 minutes) · 1 like · 436 views

Horror Science Fiction flash space opera Military SF body horror alien invasion

The ordeal of being left behind.

Audio Available


It's a small part of a much bigger project - which didn't turn out very interesting. But I saw this fragment. Do you see the demonic one-eyed face? ;)