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Found 3 works tagged 'prison'.

Featured September 13, 2019



Ephiny Gale

Little Freedoms

Published Sep 7, 2019 · 4,942 words (18 minutes) · 7 likes · 1205 views

Fantasy Science Fiction futuristic prison competition

In a dystopian prison, eight women known only by the small comforts they most miss from home (Chocolate, Music, Flowers, Cigarettes, Hot Chips, Internet, Guns, and Privacy) compete for their freedom in a series of cryptic challenges.

Author and playwright Ephiny Gale lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has published more than two dozen short stories and novelettes in Aurealis, Daily Science Fiction, Syntax & Salt, and many more.





James Van Pelt

Its Hour Come Round

Published Aug 14, 2019 · 6,696 words (25 minutes) · 441 views

Science Fiction prison

What is the purpose of prison? Reformation or punishment? For many, we send our frightening offenders to incarceration so they can learn the errors of their way. In isolation from humanity, they will contemplate their offenses and decide not to offend again. But for the worst criminals, the rapists and murderers and evil, there's a darker, more powerful motivation to punish and torment. The urge to hurt is strong.


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Jeff Somers

Turn to God or Turn Away

Published Mar 20, 2019 · 5,849 words (22 minutes) · 77 views

Science Fiction prison digitized mind criminals sci fi

We think of putting our minds in The Cloud and we think immortality. But time is subjective, and so is freedom.


Turntogoorturnaway somers