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Fiction Series: Ongoing 8 Chapters

Novae Caelum

The Space Roads

Updated Mar 18, 2020 · 12,444 words (46 minutes) · 1 like · 5634 views

Horror Humor Science Fiction salvage lgbtq+ space battle space opera rebellion Military SF aliens archaeology future history lesbian empire exploration revolution diplomacy starship nonbinary

Ever want to explore interstellar space? In these loosely interconnected stories, you're the main character. Explore the vast unknown!


The space roads ebookcover
Featured June 18, 2020



Maria Haskins

Margaery the Wolf

Published Dec 30, 2019 · 3,932 words (15 minutes) · 11 likes · 1129 views

Fantasy Horror revolution violence rebellion wolves oppression

Once upon a time, in a village deep in the forest, at every birth a midwife would take one look and declare: wolf cub or child. Cubs were expected to attack, and children were expected to endure; such was the order of things. But one girl named Margaery refuses to accept the role she’s been assigned.

Author Maria Haskins is a Swedish-Canadian writer and translator living just outside Vancouver. Her work has appeared in Flash Fiction Online, Shimmer, Cast of Wonders, and many more. Be sure to subscribe to her Weekly 5 recommended stories she publishes every week on Curious Fictions.


Margaery the wolf2