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Featured June 18, 2020



Maria Haskins

Margaery the Wolf

Published Dec 30, 2019 · 3,932 words (15 minutes) · 11 likes · 1285 views

Fantasy Horror revolution violence rebellion wolves oppression

Once upon a time, in a village deep in the forest, at every birth a midwife would take one look and declare: wolf cub or child. Cubs were expected to attack, and children were expected to endure; such was the order of things. But one girl named Margaery refuses to accept the role she’s been assigned.

Author Maria Haskins is a Swedish-Canadian writer and translator living just outside Vancouver. Her work has appeared in Flash Fiction Online, Shimmer, Cast of Wonders, and many more. Be sure to subscribe to her Weekly 5 recommended stories she publishes every week on Curious Fictions.


Margaery the wolf2