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Found 2 stories and posts tagged 'pirates'.



Bob Brill

The Long Tater and the Starg!

Published Mar 6, 2019 · 379 words (2 minutes) · 68 views

Classic Historical Los Angeles Dodgers Home run 1960s Dodger Stadium baseball Long Taters over the roof dodgers Taters alan foster pirates Andy Messersmith Bucs Pittsburgh Pirates Stargell

Willie Stargell's 2 Taters OUTTA Dodger Stadium - being there!



Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis

The Game of Games

Published Feb 2, 2019 · 3,999 words (15 minutes) · 171 views

Fantasy Horror Mystery Strange magical gambling deck of many things tarot ghosts deal with the devil pirates

In the game of games you might win anything from wealth to godhood, but the wise consider what they might lose.