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Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Fixer for the Martinieres

Published Apr 27, 2021 · 6,050 words (22 minutes) · 70 views

Literary Fiction Science Fiction #workinprogress #futurehistory #clones #elderwomen #retrospective #corporatesoapopera #dysfunctionalfamilies

Opening chapter of work in progress, JUSTINE FIXES EVERYTHING: REFLECTIONS ON MORTALITY. For years, Justine Martiniere has been the woman to go to if you have a problem. But Justine is getting old and tired. So when her digital clone brother Gabriel asks her for one last fix, she's resistant at first...but as always, Gabie talks Justine into it. After all, it's easy. She just has to tell stories for a Family history. She didn't realize that in the process, she'll find a way to fix herself.