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Found 2 works tagged 'Space Station'.




Elinor Caiman Sands

In Place of Darkness (Io, #1)

Published Mar 3, 2020 路 3,444 words (13 minutes) 路 439 views

Science Fiction Jupiter moon political persecution genetic modification mining volcano Space Station Jupiter industrial dispute

An apparently rich and privileged young man is sent by his industrialist father to deal with a potentially explosive labour strike on an Io mining colony. The miners are strange, troll-like, radiation-adapted beings who most people dismiss as barely human. The young man nevertheless agrees to meet with their leader and ultimately comes to question whose side he's on, the miners' or his father's? Originally published in Strange Bedfellows: An Anthology of Political Science Fiction.


Infernal flames Halloween project 馃槇



Dawn Bonanno

Time Monkeys and the Fullness of Glasses

Published Feb 20, 2020 路 1,204 words (5 minutes) 路 1 like 路 554 views

Humor Science Fiction Space Station time travel

An encounter in a space station's bar doesn't go quite the way she planned.


Starbucks Reserve Bar Ice