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Found 2 works tagged 'reincarnation'.

Featured March 19, 2020



Fonda Lee

Old Souls

Published Mar 17, 2020 · 9,014 words (33 minutes) · 8 likes · 1771 views

Fantasy contemporary reincarnation

Claire Leung-Hartley has the rare ability to see others’ previous lives with the touch of her hand. But all she really wants is to find a way to break the pattern of her own previous lives and live past twenty.

Fonda Lee is the multitalented Aurora and World Fantasy Award-winning author of the Green Bone Saga. She’s also written comics for Marvel and penned the YA novels Zeroboxer, Exo, and Cross Fire.


Eventually everything hits the bottom, and all you have to do is wait until someone comes along, and turns it back again. ⌛️



R. K. Duncan

Bury Your Love Head Down (Poem)

Published Jan 10, 2020 · 173 words (1 minute) · 582 views

Fantasy Romance death Burial crows Cauldron of Rebirth reincarnation

A poem about death and myth and transformations.


Gazing into the Horizon