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Found 2 works tagged 'Christianity'.




Vincent L. Scarsella

The Messiah - Prologue

Published Dec 24, 2019 · 1,607 words (6 minutes) · 1 like · 1323 views

Fantasy Literary Fiction Mystery Science Fiction Illuminati Thriller Christianity Messiah

HE has come! Will the ruling elite crucify him? Find out in this thriller about the coming a Jesus-like figure to the modern world.


Messiah   amazon



R. K. Duncan

A Circle of Steel and Bone

Published Nov 4, 2019 · 7,621 words (28 minutes) · 441 views

Fantasy Horror Mystery Historical Teutonic Order Cultural Imperialism Christianity Catholicism historical fantasy Monasticism Crusades Northern Crusade

In 1230s Prussia, Knight Commander Meinrad of the Teutonic Order must keep the uneasy peace between his knights and the recently-converted townsfolk while investigating a string of bloody and inexplicable murders.


This is the Rochebrune Castle, in Cantal France. This is a medieval strong castle restored in the seventies. I woke up early to shoot it in the morning light. I love the way it seems lost in the forest, impregnable. I gave this photo to the kind family that takes care of the castle and gave me a nice visit, they where so excited to know a photograph was interested in their castle.