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James Van Pelt

The Miracle at Ramah

Published Dec 4, 2019 · 1,576 words (6 minutes) · 409 views

Fantasy Historical christmas Christian bethlehem

This story came to me on the Sunday before Christmas several years ago. While in church, I realized that a part of the traditional Christmas celebration contains a profound horror story. The kind of story I wrote while I thought about that is called a “secret history.” The writer takes an event from history and, while staying true to the history, makes up a story. It might have happened this way!


I had just stopped by my parent’s house for a cup of coffee. While I sat at the dining room table enjoying the hot cup of Joe and letting warm my cold bones. started thinking about Christmas and that was when I spotted the nativity in the corner.

My heart was overwhelmed as I thought of Jesus Christ coming down to be the savior of our world. The God of all creation humbled himself and became a child. What love, what deep, deep love!