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S. N. Arly

Something Familiar - Chapter 1

Published May 22, 2019 · 632 words (3 minutes) · 22 views

Fantasy Witchcraft contemporary Shape-shifter magic young adult teen urban fantasy Paris

Follow a runaway shape-shifter’s quest for a safe home and a teen witch’s search for a familiar. This is the first chapter of a new novella.

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S. N. Arly

A Gift of Sky

Published Apr 25, 2019 · 7,603 words (28 minutes) · 1 like · 37 views

Fantasy young adult Young Adult Fantasy Elemental magic

The sky folk live in grand tree houses in the great forest. Even as young children, they can understand the winds and soar into the sky with no need for wings. Thirteen-year-old Shya isn't like her brothers and sisters, and the tribe treats her as an invalid, a child cursed with a weak third spirit. A visit from a traveling band of fire folk brings the promise of change and hope.

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Featured April 4, 2019


Kat Otis

To Be Selfish

Published Apr 3, 2019 · 5,507 words (21 minutes) · 9 likes · 385 views

Fantasy contemporary young adult

I am Selfish. Every generation of my family has one person like me, who understands that there is power in a good deed done with no expectation of reward.

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Sean Ferrell

Building an Elephant

Published Mar 26, 2019 · 7,584 words (28 minutes) · 1 like · 68 views

Literary Fiction Science Fiction upmarket slipstream artificial intelligence Robots young adult sci-fi literary

When the neighbors show off their off-the-lot new elephant for everyone to see, Mike's dad decides to build his own out of spare parts. Getting it to work might mean Mike betrays himself and the neighbors' trust. [Building an Elephant was originally published by Adirondack Review: It won the Fulton Prize for Fiction.]

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Shane Halbach

Random Play All and the League of Awesome

Published Jan 17, 2019 · 4,908 words (18 minutes) · 90 views

Fantasy Humor superheros young adult trivial super powers

I have always been a huge fan of superheros, but I never liked the idea of guys like Superman or Thor. I don’t want an unstoppable goody-two shoes. Show me a guy who doesn’t have it so easy. Show me a guy with just a *little* bit of power, and the wit and courage to use that little bit at just the right moment to make a *huge* difference.

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Laura Davy

What Happens During a Cutaway Scene

Published Apr 26, 2018 · 691 words (3 minutes) · 1 like · 216 views

Fantasy Humor young adult



Garrett Croker

Elizabeth Frank's Decaying Orbit

Published Mar 27, 2018 · 5,944 words (22 minutes) · 2 likes · 375 views

Fantasy friendship Monsters With Feels young adult supernatural short story