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Found 2 works tagged 'curse'.




Wendy Nikel

I Am Fire; I Am Tears

Published Jul 29, 2019 · 3,316 words (13 minutes) · 2 likes · 442 views

Fantasy Sisters medieval medieval fantasy revenge curse magic princess siblings dragon

A dragon living under a curse stalks the princess who stole her throne.


When I made a barbecue, I saw how a tree burns up and decided to take photo of it.
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Paul Alex Gray

These depths

Published Jan 2, 2019 · 2,138 words (8 minutes) · 438 views

Fantasy curse Monsters sea monster

A sailor finds himself lost - marooned in between worlds. Not anchored to land or sea, life nor death. His captor is a beautiful and terrible monster. This story was written to a prompt, where the first sentence and final sentence had to be exactly the same. It's influenced by the sea, whose ebb and flow leads everything back to one place.