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Found 3 works tagged 'Science Fiction Romance'.




Jennifer R. Povey

Working The High Steel

Published Jan 14, 2020 · 4,770 words (18 minutes) · 1 like · 131 views

Science Fiction Romance space fiction plausible science fiction Hard science fiction Science Fiction Romance space elevator orbital worker engineering fiction

As a woman, Malisse struggles in the male-dominated world of the orbital workers, and struggles with her feelings for a coworker. When the chips are down, however... This was my first published story and was inspired by an exhibit about Mohawk construction workers at the NMAI in DC.


Ocean clouds seen from space
Featured July 19, 2019



Jeremy Szal

Tomorrow, the Sunset Will Be Blue

Published Jul 14, 2019 · 990 words (4 minutes) · 6 likes · 520 views

Literary Fiction Mystery Science Fiction Romance jeremy szal Science Fiction Romance nature science-fiction Love tragic first person exoplanets death sad ending Alien

It’s not for everyone, but Sola and Benn jumped at the chance for a new life at a remote research outpost—one with deadly metal dust in the air and hauntingly magical sunsets. But that may all change thanks to a secret Sola can't quite bring herself to face.

Author Jeremy Szal is the fiction editor for the Hugo-winning podcast StarShipSofa, as his work has appeared in Lightspeed,, Strange Horizons, and more.





Debra Jess

Worldcon Schedule

Published Jun 30, 2019 · 122 words (1 minute) · 129 views

fandom Superheroes Worldcon Con Life Panels Science Fiction Romance Marvel

If you're going to Worldcon this year, I just received my draft schedule.


Google’s HQ in Dublin, Ireland