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David Perlmutter

Fiction Books at Draft2Digital

Published Sep 28, 2020 · 16 words (1 minute) · 225 views

fiction author Books canadian


Featured June 7, 2019



A.C. Wise

Matthew, Waiting

Published Jun 6, 2019 · 3,395 words (13 minutes) · 8 likes · 2622 views

Fantasy Literary Fiction dark fantasy canadian post-apocalyptic

The world after The Change isn't the way Matthew remembers it, but then, his memory isn't what it used to be these days. All he knows now is that the makeshift orphanage he presides over has many Annes, but he's looking for the right one. Enjoy this post-apocalyptic tale inspired by an unusual source: Anne of Green Gables.

Author A.C. Wise's work has appeared in, Apex Magazine, and the Year's Best Horror and Science Fiction anthologies. She has two collections published with Lethe Press, and a novella forthcoming from Broken Eye Books.


Taken in December 2014.  I arrived at Lake Tekapo shortly before sunset.  This was taken just after the sun had set behind me.