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Matthew Hughes

Widow's Mite

Nov 2, 2018 · 560 words (3 minutes) · 2 likes · 105 views

Fantasy Horror

A little dark fantasy flash.


Tim McDaniel


Nov 1, 2018 · 3,277 words (12 minutes) · 80 views

Horror Humor

Cooper and Mia are a couple of kids who want to have an adventure, like the adventures the kids in the books they read have. The only thing is, those kids all seem to be orphans. The next step is obvious.


Trent Jamieson

Looking Back

Nov 1, 2018 · 1,465 words (6 minutes) · 67 views



Trent Jamieson

Sisyphus Drinking

Nov 1, 2018 · 1,119 words (5 minutes) · 72 views

Fantasy Literary Fiction Strange


Costi Gurgu


Oct 31, 2018 · 4,005 words (15 minutes) · 2 likes · 157 views

Fantasy Science Fiction

"Secret Recipes" is a prequel to my novel "Recipearium". "Secret Recipes" happens right before the opening of my novel. In a way, this is the story that springs the protagonist, Morminiu, into the novel's action. "Recipearium" has been published by White Cat Publications in 2017 and has been a finalist for the Aurora Awards 2018. "Secret Recipes" has been published in the "Tesseracts Seventeen" Anthology a few years before.


Wendy Nikel

Change for the Changelings

Oct 31, 2018 · 486 words (2 minutes) · 93 views

Classic Fantasy flash second person POV fairy tale fae revenge

A pair of young women, swapped at birth by fae, meet for the first time.

woman running on brown road covered with green leaf trees

Stephen Dedman

Broken Images

Oct 31, 2018 · 4,437 words (17 minutes) · 106 views


A teacher asks a New Orleans voodoo mambo to avenge her daughter.

people on the streets during daytime

James Van Pelt

Weaponized Ghosts of the 96th Infantry

Oct 31, 2018 · 1,212 words (5 minutes) · 76 views


Happy Halloween, everyone! This story completes my spooky-themed pieces for the Halloween season. I've written a few ghost stories. Here the justice is most poetic. JVP


Paul Alex Gray

Of The Dreams Yet To Come

Oct 31, 2018 · 978 words (4 minutes) · 78 views


On his retirement day, a Dreamcrafter reflects on all the dreams he has painted into being. Some remembered, some forgotten and some yet to come.

closeup photo of paint brush with paint

Tim McDaniel

Prince Morris

Oct 31, 2018 · 5,421 words (20 minutes) · 83 views

Humor Literary Fiction

By all accounts, Morris is a loser. But he discovers that he is not a nobody in other realities...