Satire Stories


Holly Heisey

The Most Absurd Dance at the End of the Worlds

Mar 12, 2018 · 3,210 words (12 minutes)

Humor Satire Science Fiction Strange

"It was the end of the worlds, and Mr. Jamison and I were arguing over peas."

black and brown leather belt

Renee Carter Hall

Promises to Keep

Mar 9, 2018 · 1,588 words (6 minutes)

Fantasy Satire

Being a bear in a mostly human world has always meant having to make sacrifices, but making them is easier than living with them.

2018 December calendar with crossout marks

Roger Ley

Dead People on Facebook

Mar 6, 2018 · 662 words (3 minutes) · 1 like

Fantasy Humor Satire


Mary E. Lowd

FemCloud Inc.

Feb 9, 2018 · 396 words (2 minutes)

Satire Science Fiction


Benjamin C. Kinney

Cyborg Shark Battle (Season 4, O'ahu Frenzy)

Jan 23, 2018 · 863 words (4 minutes)

Humor Satire Science Fiction

Will you join me in overthrowing the producers of Cyborg Shark Battle (Season 4, O'ahu Frenzy)? Don't answer now, the cameras are on you – look fierce and chug this can of Powerthirst!

silhouette of woman beside aquarium with whale shark

Featured January 15, 2018

Matthew Claxton

The Remora

Dec 16, 2017 · 5,018 words (19 minutes) · 5 likes

Humor Mystery Satire Science Fiction


H.L. Fullerton

Last Sunset for the World Weary

Oct 3, 2017 · 3,282 words (12 minutes) · 1 like

Humor Satire Science Fiction