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Curious Fictions

GIVEAWAY: Signed Copies of Fonda Lee's JADE CITY & JADE WAR

Published May 9, 2019 · 207 words (1 minute) · 2 likes · 592 views

giveaway Fonda Lee SIGNED COPIES

Announcing Curious Fictions' first giveaway!

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S. N. Arly

The Good Doctor

Published May 8, 2019 · 1,479 words (6 minutes) · 1 like · 37 views

Horror dark fiction contemporary Realistic

For several years one of my jobs involved helping new doctors complete death certificates. I also typed and submitted them for doctors who’d been doing this a while. This story came from some of the conversations we had.

This was captured well waiting for the doctor who was busy at the time


Charlotte Platt

Neither Fishing nor Mending Nets chapter 11

Published May 8, 2019 · 1,769 words (7 minutes) · 39 views

Literary Fiction disabled lead character lgbt Alice has a bad day

Alice goes to see her dad and that goes about as well as expected. Today is not her day. This is chapter eleven of a larger work, which deals with a disabled young woman in a rural community and the people she comes to know once she leaves home. This will update fortnightly



Tanya Breshears

'Forward Thinking Founders' Podcast Interview

Published May 8, 2019 · 3,082 words (12 minutes) · 1 like · 63 views

I was interviewed for the 'Forward Thinking Founders' podcast about the future of tech and storytelling. Topics included: why algorithms are biased, how ad-based business models need to change, and the ethos and future of Curious Fictions. You can read the transcript here, or listen to the podcast with whatever app you like best. This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Audio Available

Sing your Heart out!


Angela Yuriko Smith

Conversation Overheard: Author Attitude Matters

Published May 7, 2019 · 353 words (2 minutes) · 1 like · 15 views

I overheard a conversation between two librarians over the weekend and it was a good reminder on how vital good attitude is for authors.

Book 841171 1920


Angela Yuriko Smith

New Tool:

Published May 7, 2019 · 350 words (2 minutes) · 1 like · 11 views

Thanks to snooping around Instagram I found a new tool for my social media kit: Free, easy and effective... don't be limited to one IG link anymore.

Screenshot 20190502 112147


C.L. Holland

The Message

Published May 7, 2019 · 999 words (4 minutes) · 54 views

Fantasy Family dark fantasy

Trying to please his father, Odeled offers to deliver a message to his enemies. But what's the cost?



Curtis C. Chen

Summer Reading

Published May 7, 2019 · 101 words (1 minute) · 12 views

it's getting hot out there



Curtis C. Chen

Don't Fence Me In

Published May 7, 2019 · 3,517 words (13 minutes) · 1 like · 1 view

Fantasy Historical weird western magic bullet unrequited love

You can run. You can hide. But you can't escape forever.



Maria Haskins

Fräulein Maria

Published May 7, 2019 · 978 words (4 minutes) · 1 like · 33 views

Fantasy Horror retribution old woman

An old cleaning lady gets on the elevator, but she might not be cleaning just the ordinary dirt and grime.