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Charlotte Platt

Neither Fishing nor Mending Nets chapter 5

Feb 6, 2019 · 1,330 words (5 minutes) · 45 views

Humor Literary Fiction

Another meeting at the beach! This is chapter five of a larger work, which deals with a disabled young woman in a rural community and the people she comes to know once she leaves home. This will update fortnightly.


Featured February 6, 2019

John Wiswell


Feb 6, 2019 · 2,146 words (8 minutes) · 6 likes · 428 views

Fantasy Horror Humor Strange

The unlikely friendship between a confused ghost and an immortal. They are the cure for each other's loneliness. But the greatest gift would be to help the ghost move on - something the immortal can never do.

Audio Available

person standing on rock boulder beside body of water

Alex Isle

Mary Bennet and the Irish Professor

Feb 6, 2019 · 7,252 words (27 minutes) · 2 likes · 25 views

Science Fiction Historical

Mary Bennet's sisters aspired to romance and marriage, but Mary herself had other plans.

brown and white concrete building

S. N. Arly

Der Erlkönig

Feb 6, 2019 · 2,659 words (10 minutes) · 17 views


Short story (2700 words) – In the shadows of Schwartzwald, the Black Forest, lived a powerful king known as Erlkönig, King of Alder. He stood over seven feet in height and was easily as majestic as any tree in his domain. His robe was the blue-gray color of mist. On his head he wore a crown of leaves, of a kind never found on any tree, perpetually held in the bright tints of autumn.


KJ Kabza

Billions of Stars

Feb 6, 2019 · 504 words (2 minutes) · 17 views



Tim McDaniel

Transplant Horror from Beyond Space!

Feb 6, 2019 · 2,054 words (8 minutes) · 20 views

Horror Humor Science Fiction

Dr. Biklian is forced to deal with horrific aliens who have come to Earth for "donations" of body parts. Fortunately, the doctor knows a little something about transplants that the aliens have overlooked!

photo of person analyzing X-ray result

Jennifer Brozek


Feb 5, 2019 · 355 words (2 minutes) · 38 views

Fantasy Horror Science Fiction

This flash story was given out at Crypticon, 2015. Like some of her stories, Jennifer has featured a friend in this one. All stories are fictional, she assures you. Maybe. ;)

concrete highrise building

Tim McDaniel

To the Winners

Feb 5, 2019 · 4,508 words (17 minutes) · 16 views

Fantasy Humor

Tempers flare among the companions of a dungeon campaign.

gray steel sword on ground during daytime

David Perlmutter

"Absent Friends and New Acquaintances"

Feb 5, 2019 · 728 words (3 minutes) · 21 views

Humor Satire Science Fiction Love

In a future time, two lonely people bond over their joint affection for past media.


Chris Cooper

The Dreadful Objects - Chapter 40 - The End

Feb 5, 2019 · 455 words (2 minutes) · 23 views

Horror Mystery Strange

When his reclusive uncle commits suicide in a mansion full of curiosities, Jamie Lawson is left to clean up his dusty estate. As Jamie peels back the layers of his uncle’s life as a semi-famous horror author, he discovers an eerie connection between his uncle’s works and real life tragedies. Now, he must uncover the truth behind his uncle’s books while trying to rebuild his life in a new town. But, the bizarre facts he uncovers may just threaten his new life and everyone in it.