Love stories


Matthew Claxton

The Anatomist's Apprentice

12647 words (46 minutes)

FantasyLoveScience FictionStrange

The window was caked with soot, but unevenly. Molly knew all the cleanest panes, the places she could set her ey...

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flash fiction

Karlo Yeager Rodríguez

Doughboy Lovers and the Appetites of Desire

1093 words (4 minutes)


     I'm baking myself a boyfriend, kneading him out with my hands, my elbows, my shoulders. I sprinkle flour ov...

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flash fiction

Wendy Nikel

Between the Lines

266 words (1 minute) · 2 likes


             We met in the pages of the book, somewhere shortly before Act II.             It wasn't my story. ...

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short story

Adam Israel

Dog Days

3577 words (14 minutes)


Bronwyn stared at the unopened letter on the table as if it might come alive any minute and bite her. The postma...

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short story

Rebecca Schwarz

Futile the Winds

3878 words (15 minutes)

Literary FictionLoveScience FictionStrange

The plant died in her hand, but first it sprouted and grew. Feathery, transparent roots twined around her finger...

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flash fiction

Grace Seybold

Unwinding Road

935 words (4 minutes) · 1 like

LoveScience FictionStrange

     Remember when you died, Catherine?      We were sitting on the porch, enjoying the sunlight. I thought you...

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