Mystery stories

short story

Matthew Claxton

The Remora

5018 words (19 minutes) · 5 likes

HumorMysterySatireScience Fiction

The fuzzy pink robot bear lunged at Fitz, a pastel paw whipping past her jaw and taking a chunk out of the stucc...

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short story

Gary Cuba

For the Cause of the Saints

4372 words (16 minutes)

MysteryScience Fiction

Father Peter Frambeau gave a quick half-bow to Monsignor Shuman, whose immense form remained seated behind his e...

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short story

Brian K. Lowe

The Quick and the Dead

5992 words (22 minutes)


 It's funny how shy murder victims can be when they have to testify in court. An entire case fell apart once j...

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short story

Jeremy Szal

The Galaxy's Cube

4686 words (18 minutes)

MysteryScience FictionStrange

It was another sweltering night in New Bangkok, and Jharkrat wasn’t selling anything. The crowds were always he...

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