Humor Stories


Laura Pearlman

The Shadow Over My Dorm Room

Jan 2, 2019 · 3,965 words (15 minutes) · 1 like

Horror Humor Strange

A modern-day Miskatonic University student sees only the best in his roommate in this Lovecraftian humor story.


David Sklar

Lady Marmalade's Special Place in Hell (a Picaresque Burlesque of the Nether Realms)

Jan 2, 2019 · 4,826 words (18 minutes)

Fantasy Humor Strange

Stuck navigating an afterlife she doesn't believe in and struggling to rescue those dearest to her, a drag queen takes over a small piece of Hell and redecorates in her own image.


Catherine Lundoff

The Temporary

Jan 2, 2019 · 1,837 words (7 minutes)

Fantasy Humor Strange

Mildred's fantasy life made her temp gig more interesting, but now it was taking on a life of its very own...


David Perlmutter

"Closing Time"

Jan 1, 2019 · 1,374 words (5 minutes)

Fantasy Humor Strange

The words of an animated cartoon character standing up to a potential destruction of the world in which her series is set by throwing a bash with her friends.


Tim McDaniel

Teen Angels

Jan 1, 2019 · 3,510 words (13 minutes)

Fantasy Humor Satire

Gil is in the high school dumps; he just lost his girl. Then he is invited to join the biker gang, who do shocking things like discuss evolution!

woman wearing white angel wings

David Perlmutter

"Dinny Gets Dinged"

Dec 28, 2018 · 5,968 words (22 minutes)

Fantasy Humor Satire Science Fiction Strange

In order to prevent him from flunking a test that will affect his grade negatively, Dinsdale "Dinny" Dog is prepared to undergo a re-do of his assignment. But whether he is prepared to deal with the rigours of daily life in Gennett, Anthropomorph, to do it is another matter entirely.


Charlotte Platt

Neither Fishing nor Mending Nets chapter 2

Dec 26, 2018 · 1,112 words (5 minutes)

Humor Literary Fiction

This is chapter two of a larger work, which deals with a disabled young woman in a rural community and the people she comes to know once she leaves home. This will update fortnightly.


Alex Pearl

White Elephant: The Reckoning

Dec 24, 2018 · 617 words (3 minutes) · 1 like

Humor Strange

In time for the holidays, a story written for a White Elephant gift exchange. Naturally, the cosmos is at stake.


Tim McDaniel

Sucks to be You

Dec 23, 2018 · 2,266 words (9 minutes)

Fantasy Humor

Paul undergoes an experimental procedure designed to increase his allotment of luck. But if Paul gets lucky, how will the rest of us fare?

storm near leafed plants