Fantasy stories


Matthew Claxton

The Anatomist's Apprentice

12647 words (46 minutes)

FantasyLoveScience FictionStrange

The window was caked with soot, but unevenly. Molly knew all the cleanest panes, the places she could set her ey...

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short story

Emily McCosh

Of Water and Wood

2017 words (8 minutes) · 1 like


When Easton is in the ground, you burn the unfinished wood. It looks like a stump, rough and unhewn; a soft colo...

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flash fiction

Karlo Yeager Rodríguez

Doughboy Lovers and the Appetites of Desire

1093 words (4 minutes)


     I'm baking myself a boyfriend, kneading him out with my hands, my elbows, my shoulders. I sprinkle flour ov...

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flash fiction

Mari Ness

The Agreement

890 words (4 minutes)


We have come to an agreement, his ghost wife and I. She may have him - and I suppose, he her - one night of the ...

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flash fiction

Wendy Nikel


557 words (3 minutes) · 1 like


            “I’m not a monster.”             “Right, hon." With a squeak of her office chair, my companion shif...

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short story

J.W. Alden

Item Not As Described

1554 words (6 minutes)


From: Vaenala the Unbound <> To: Kobe Thompson <> Subj...

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