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Charlotte Platt

Stain on Love

Apr 17, 2019 · 1,834 words (7 minutes) · 29 views

Mystery Romance swearing Glasgow crime lots of crime lots of swearing

A silly short story of one gangster and the woman he loves. I am not a frequent crime writer but I love getting into it when I have an idea that works, and this short came out of the ideas of relationships and permissible bad behaviour. It's very much a crime story but there's no option for that so we have mystery and romance because those are technically present.

Painted red

R. Gary Raham

Elvinon's Wish

Apr 16, 2019 · 2,804 words (11 minutes) · 36 views

Humor Science Fiction prehistory artist

Elvinon is an artist of the future with all the tech he needs and the immortality to see his project through to the end. What wish could he possibly ask from an alien Jinni released from the confines of her lamp?

Pterosaur on tree

Jason Franks

Into the Adlight

Apr 16, 2019 · 3,378 words (13 minutes) · 56 views

Satire Science Fiction cyberpunk scient fiction documentary punk advertising

Published in 2012, this is a cyberpunk satire about guerilla documentary-making, advertising, and data security. I have republished it here because I saw this article today, which makes it look as though the central conceit of the story might soon be a reality: Sigh.

Two special roundabouts

KJ Kabza


Apr 16, 2019 · 3,744 words (14 minutes)



Steven Harper

Smoke and Mirrors

Apr 15, 2019 · 8,819 words (33 minutes) · 8 views

Fantasy Humor Satire magic funny sword and sorcery

In which our heroes handle a trapped familiar, an evil magician, and a gorgon. All at once. "Smoke and Mirrors" first appeared in Esther Friesner's TURN THE OTHER CHICK anthology, the fifth of the CHICKS IN CHAINMAIL series. I wrote a sequel to it for the last Chicks anthology. I'll post it next week!

200px mask of gorgon medusa 1

Shannon Page


Apr 14, 2019 · 3,307 words (13 minutes) · 23 views

Fantasy dragon human tales

Editor Jennifer Brozek wrote me one afternoon: “Help! I’ve got an anthology that’s short a story, can you write one in a few days?”“Of course!” I said, delighted to pinch-hit, even though I was leaving for Australia the following week. She wanted a fairy tale turned on its head, told from the monster’s point of view. Human Tales came out in August of 2011.


Madeleine E. Robins


Apr 14, 2019 · 5,003 words (19 minutes) · 9 views


A spinster adopts a very unusual child: a story about the different ways love can come -- and go, and what it leaves behind.

Small house on an autumn’s day

Stephen S. Power

The Face of All the World Is Changed

Apr 14, 2019 · 3,991 words (15 minutes) · 60 views

Literary Fiction Science Fiction Love marriage Facebook fate new york times magazine

If Facebook can predict whom some users will marry, what does that mean for the rest of us...and for marriage?


David Perlmutter

"Peg O' My Heart"

Apr 13, 2019 · 8,251 words (31 minutes) · 30 views

Fantasy Humor Satire Science Fiction

A beloved superhero has been senselessly killed. And her dearest friends won't stop until they find out who did it- and why it happened.


Laura Anne Gilman


Apr 13, 2019 · 6,949 words (26 minutes) · 132 views

Fantasy Mystery urban fantasy cosa nostradamus implied sexual elements (not explicit)

A teenaged girl. An underground fairyland. And a not-quite-human PI who specializes in missing children....