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Found 12 works tagged 'crime'.




Charlotte Platt

Stain on Love

Published Apr 17, 2019 · 1,834 words (7 minutes) · 385 views

Mystery Romance swearing Glasgow crime lots of crime lots of swearing

A silly short story of one gangster and the woman he loves. I am not a frequent crime writer but I love getting into it when I have an idea that works, and this short came out of the ideas of relationships and permissible bad behaviour. It's very much a crime story but there's no option for that so we have mystery and romance because those are technically present.


Painted red



Tim McDaniel

The List

Published Mar 23, 2018 · 895 words (4 minutes) · 757 views

Classic Fantasy Humor Naughty List Extortion Blackmail christmas crime Santa Claus Naughty

Kurt had The List, but could he hold onto it long enough to be able to use it? Everyone was after it -- everyone from the Pole to local gangsters!


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