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Found 13 works tagged 'alternate history'.




Michael McCormick

The Golden Chariot of Oswald Grade 3

Published Jan 22, 2019 · 7,686 words (28 minutes) · 2 likes · 815 views

Science Fiction alternate history WWII JFK

"Lee Harvey Oswald squinted past spaceships parked on the desert outside the dome." So begins the strange tale of Kennedys, Oswalds, mysterious aliens, and a missile crisis.





Tim McDaniel

On the Beaches

Published Sep 17, 2018 · 1,559 words (6 minutes) · 602 views

Fantasy Humor Merman Love mermaids alternate history Dating Winston Churchill

Avery wants to date his boss' daughter, but he needs to do something impress the old man. But how does that relate to a little-known fact about Winston Churchill?


Churchill no Petit Palais
Churchill at Petit Palais

Estátua de bronze de Winston Churchill no Petit Palais em Paris - esculpida por Jean Cardot.  //  Winston Churchill statue at Petit Palais in Paris - sculpted by Jean Cardot.

Fotografei a estátua do grande e inspirador líder britânico em frente ao Petit Palais em Paris em 15 de junho de 2019.  //  I photographed the statue of the great and inspiring British leader in front of the Petit Palais in Paris on June 15, 2019.



Laurie Tom

The Wings The Lungs, The Engine The Heart

Published Sep 19, 2017 · 6,452 words (24 minutes) · 954 views

Science Fiction Historical alternate history dieselpunk World War I WWI

Karl's job is to test an experimental technology to save the life of a fallen soldier, but that soldier turns out to be none other than the Red Baron himself.


Classic sunset over San Diego