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Lost Her Way

By Jen Knox
3,623 words · 14-minute reading time

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina via Unsplash.

Without Allie, the world is hushed. Even when my brothers roar like lions, Mom stomps around on clunky heels before church, or Jeff—Mom’s house-arrest boyfriend—gets restless and plays Norwegian Metal at decibels that could split an eardrum, I don’t hear much. Everything is static without my sister.

I imagine what Allie would say about Mom’s new ambition to become a full-time beauty consultant/model or the single gig she landed late August. I had to babysit my brothers that day as Mom spent hours posing in a skin-colored bathing suit, arms akimbo, in front of a green screen. Allie would’ve gone with her had she been around; she would’ve read and reread the small print on the contract. Instead, Mom came back with $300 in crisp bills and a Xeroxed copy of the agreement that would act as little more than proof that she had signed away rights to her image, and any manipulation thereof, in perpetuity.

Online customers of Lee’s Mature Fashions can now view my mother, at 360 degrees,...


Jen Knox

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