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Solidly Grounded

By KJ Kabza
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When I saw the Hershey bar lying in the road, my first impulse was to pick it up and shout, "Five second rule!"

Then I remembered a prank from when I was a kid. The prankster would unwrap a Hershey bar, then refold the shiny part into a hollow rectangle and slip the part that said 'Hershey's' back over it. Then the prankster would offer it to somebody, and laugh when the poor kid curled a fist over an empty wrapper.

But I knew better now. I wasn't about to look like an idiot. I pushed the Hershey bar with my toe, to see how heavy it was.

It was solid.

I grinned and picked it up, then brushed off the gravel and swarm of ants and unwrapped it. It's a good thing I checked to see if it was solid first. Otherwise I might've done something that looked really stupid.


When I saw the dreadlocked hippy bending over the Hershey bar wrapper lying in the road, my first impulse was to snicker at his eco-conscientiousness.

But he wasn't bending over to pick it up and throw it away. As I...


KJ Kabza

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