Fantasy Science Fiction Love Strange

All the Time in the Sky

By H.L. Fullerton
973 words · 4-minute reading time

solar eclipse

Photo by Bryan Goff via Unsplash.

Do you remember the day the sun split in two? We thought it was an eclipse, at first--the way the sky darkened, how the sun faded into a shadow of itself--and we watched the heavens reflected in that stupid Italianate birdbath you adored, hand in hand as song birds went silent and the bees in your garden stopped buzzing. You said, "Was this scheduled?" and I laughed. Can you believe I laughed? But if you had seen your face... So serious, so puzzled, so perfectly you. I didn't know everything was changing, that our existence had fundamentally altered, that we would never be the same. If only I had kissed you then. Instead I looked down at the water and said, "If anyone would know, it should be you." I still think that about so many things: If anyone would know, it'd be you.

Did it rain? I remember there being rain, thinking that you'd water the flowers beds later that evening despite nature taking care of itself. I always was more Darwinian than you. Which may or may not be ironic--I...

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