Fantasy unicorns disability secondary world fantasy happy ending

The Idiot

By KJ Kabza
Sep 19, 2018 · 7,947 words · 29 minutes

From the author: After mute Rosalind’s family dies, she’s mistakenly branded as a simpleton and taken in as a charity case by the horse breeder John. When a cruel stranger comes in the night to covertly board an extraordinary beast at John’s stable, Rosalind recognizes that the beast is no simpleton, either, and must find a way to give him a voice before he is caged forever.

The man called Marsh peered down at me and screwed up his face. He'd chosen to despise me already. "And who is this?"

Next to him, John Harrick slumped beneath the dim starlight. He sighed. "Don't mind her, Mr. Marsh. She's just a stray idiot I've taken in out of charity. She likes to watch the road at night sometimes, for her amusement, I suppose. But she'll tell no tales; her mind and tongue aren't clever enough."

Marsh's expression did not change. "I see."

I did not arise from my roadside...

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