A Wodehouse pastiche

By Matthew Hughes
Sep 12, 2018 · 134 words · 1 minute

A few years ago, George R.R. Martin and the late Gardner Dozois indulged their taste for the "good old stuff" by co-editing two anthologies, Old Mars and Old Venus, in which modern SF authors would write stories set in the science fictional Mars and Venus that people used to think existed "out there," until the first probes went to those planets and made plain there were no canals on Mars and no swamps on Venus.

I was invited into both anthos.  The story "Greeves and the Evening Star" is from Old Venus and in it I indulged my own taste for the Jeeves and Wooster romps of P.G. Wodehouse -- in my opinion the greatest comic author ever to write in English.

The names have been changed to protect all concerned against litigation.

Matthew Hughes

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