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Art as a Way Into Writing

By Holly Lyn Walrath
Aug 3, 2018 · 598 words · 3 minutes

Man holds painted mess

Photo by Alice Dietrich via Unsplash.

From the author: The juxtaposition of art and writing isn’t just about responsivity. In writing about art, or using art as inspiration, or having a background of visual art as writers, we’re not just responding to the art itself — to the way it looks on canvas, but something deeper...

Ever since childhood, I’ve been an art museum lover. I’m the person that gets to a new city and visits the art museum the very next day. I’ve been to museums in Israel, Portugal, Austin, Boston, New York, DC, Mexico, Maine, and more. It’s a ritual that helps me learn about the city. Different curators work in different ways. Museums have wide-ranging collections — from Van Gogh in Dallas to Rothko in Houston. Galveston art museums feature works inspired by the ocean. Portuguese museums are...
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