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A Matter of Perception

By KJ Kabza
Aug 6, 2018 · 102 words · 1 minute

From the author: Body image problems can now be addressed by electrobrain surgery, to make patients perceive their bodies differently. But maybe your body image isn’t the thing in your life that really needs to be replaced.

“You look fine,” she laughed. “And anyway, your muffin top is cute.”

Cute? I felt ugly and unconfident. But liposuction, she insisted, was for shallow people. “Or there’s an experimental procedure,” said my doctor. “Electrobrain surgery on the areas responsible for self-perception. You’ll perceive yourself thinner.”

She approved — “It’s like psychiatric treatment” — so I set a date.

She says it was a mistake. That I’m out of touch with reality now, too flirty and aggressive, acting like I can have anyone.

But I can, can’t I? I deserve something better. I always have. I just couldn’t see it.

Thanks, doctor.

This story originally appeared in Every Day Fiction.