Fantasy Horror Historical dark fantasy folklore myth trolls

In the Shadow of Dyrhólaey

By KJ Kabza
Aug 1, 2018 · 3,682 words · 14 minutes

From the author: In early 20th-century Iceland, the brilliant sculptor Einar has devised a plan for sculpting a local rock formation into a ship. But legend holds that this rock formation is more than mere stone, and Einar’s best friend Gunnar can see it breathing. Will Einar’s chisel unleash a work of art—or unlock the enchantment that holds back monsters? Will Gunnar be able to stop him?

Einar Jónsson wasn’t the first to see the ship entombed in the rocks, but little did I know then, he was one of the few Icelanders who could actually do something about it. “If I only had enough time,” he said to me, as we stood on the black sand and stared at the tell-tale stones, “and sharp enough chisels, by God, I think I could really bring out the shape of it.”

Einar pointed out over the water. It was that time of year when the air was mild and the sun wheeled round the mercurial sky,...

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