Fantasy Humor Satire superhero fiction capes and tights diary

Super Hero, Uncensored

By KJ Kabza
Jun 22, 2018 · 2,889 words · 11 minutes

From the author: Everybody loves the ideal of a super hero: a strong, brave, perky, fresh-faced former Boy Scout willing to generously lend a chipper yet manly hand against all forces of evil. Too bad Justice isn’t remotely that.

March 7.

Shitty day. I lost the keys to the Justice Mobile. How am I supposed to race down to crime scenes now? On a bicycle?

I turned Retribution HQ upside-down for over an hour, but I didn’t find anything. And while I was digging between the couch cushions, I missed a call from the mayor about some damn crisis down at the wharf.

I called him back and told him about my keys. He was pretending to be nice about it and said that “these things happen to the best of us,” but I could tell he was...

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