Horror Science Fiction neural uploads Strange flash fiction dystopian surreal experimental

The Expurgated Version

By KJ Kabza
May 18, 2018 · 410 words · 2 minutes

From the author: In punishment for the heinous crime of premarital sex, James’ brain is re-wired such that every memory of Lori triggers a blackout in his awareness. But now Lori’s gone missing. How can James find a woman he can’t even think about? And when he does, will he even recognize her?

It began with me and Lori, James, please. How could we not? We flirted for weeks beforehand, transmitting James, please hear me thoughts and mental images to each other with our cyberneurons whenever she stopped in at the gas station. We were 19 and in love, her Neo-Calvinist parents be why can’t you hear me?

But that’s the thing about Neo-Calvinists. They won’t be I can’t be trapped here. At least, they think they won’t be. They think they’ve a God-given right to decide who gets to join them...

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