Science Fiction aliens

In the Rose Garden

By Maria Haskins
Jul 1, 2021 · 474 words · 2 minutes



From the author: This is a scifi flash fiction story that had found a home for publication a while ago, or so I thought, but publication never happened. So now it's for you. ❤ Thanks so much for being here and for supporting me.

He’s standing by the window. It’s not raining yet, but the sky is dark and full of portents. On his desk is the latest data from NASA: images of the approaching crafts, speed and size, hull-composition and trajectories, firepower (“NOTE,” it says in bold type, “speculative assessment only”).

A sheaf of newspapers is scattered across the coffee table nearby.

Annihilation! blares the front-page on top.

Is this the Apocalypse? shudders the ink from last week. Why have they come? trembles the...

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