Fantasy Horror

The Narcissist

By Rob Gerrand
Jun 2, 2021 · 3,183 words · 12 minutes

From the author: How does a narcissist react when his wife is pregnant? (This story is in submission.)

The Narcissist

Harold was driving home, thinking about his pregnant wife. It was almost time. Pregnant. He said the word slowly, emphasizing the syllables. Preg-nant. What a strange word. A baby growing inside her. Well, not yet a baby. Nearly a baby. A baby was after it was born, wasn’t it? An embryo. No that was very early on. Actually, it would be a fetus now, wouldn’t it? He’d have to check.

A horn blared and he looked up, slammed on his brakes. They squealed as his car juddered to a...

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