The Infernal Express
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Chapter 2

By Josh Reynolds
Jun 4, 2021 · 2,368 words · 9 minutes

human skull in black - proud of death

Photo by Ahmed Adly via Unsplash.

The Tower of London had borne silent witness to the best and worst of London’s storied history. Crouched on the northern bank of the Thames, it had seen war, plague, fire, the fall and return of the monarchy, and more besides.

It had been home to royalty and wretched refuse alike, and there were more dead people wandering its corridors than living. Its roots had been sunk by William the Conqueror, and it had grown over the centuries, changing from palace to prison to fortress, to prison...

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  • guy
    June 4, 10:27pm

    Boy Josh these just get better and better. Guy



    • JMReynolds
      June 5, 11:57am

      Glad you're enjoying it!