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Spire City: Occupied

By Daniel Ausema
Jul 21, 2021 · 17,752 words · 65 minutes

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Art by Johnny Briggs.  

From the author: Standalone sequel! The death of Spire City's greatest inventor couldn't come at a worse time. The fabled city of beetle-drawn carriages is occupied by a foreign power, and that country is at war with another. Five people find their lives spiraling together in the aftermath of his death: Temli, an airship captain; XXXXX, an unnamed correspondent from the front lines; Keene, a grizzled beetle hunter; Jensha, a singer chained to a city spire; and Alless, apprentice to the late inventor.

9 Chapters

Intro to the novel

Updated Jul 23, 2021 · 1,370 words (5 minutes) · 7 views

A novel of draft beetles and steam power, of chained spire singers and cruel occupying armies, of wondrous new technology and warfare fought from trenches and airships.

Grandma's attic

Episodes 1-3

Updated May 6, 2021 · 3,480 words (13 minutes) · 8 views

Chaos in the skies over the city, meaningless fighting in the fog of war, and the dangers of the Beetle Wastes for those who capture the riding beetles for Spire City--three of the novel's primary characters, learning about the death of the inventor Mendat.

Episodes 4-5

Updated Jul 21, 2021 · 2,644 words (10 minutes)

Two more main characters introduced--the chained singer Jensha and the inventor apprentice Alless.

Episode 6

Updated Jul 28, 2021 · 984 words (4 minutes)


Episode 7

Updated Jul 28, 2021 · 805 words (3 minutes)

Unnamed correspondent

Episode 8

Updated Jul 28, 2021 · 1,278 words (5 minutes)


Episode 9

Updated Jul 29, 2021 · 777 words (3 minutes)


Episode 10

Updated Jul 30, 2021 · 1,200 words (5 minutes)


Episodes 11-15

Updated Aug 2, 2021 · 5,214 words (19 minutes)

Spires dark
  • danielausema
    July 21, 2:24am

    Thank you for checking out this new, standalone novel in this steampunk city of strange wonders! The continuing episodes will be coming out in rapid succession, so be sure to Like it, Bookmark it, and check back often!



  • danielausema
    July 30, 5:26pm

    With the news about Curious Fictions closing, I've made two changes here. I still want this available for those of you who prefer to stay away from Amazon's sway and also for anyone who geographically can't access Kindle Vella. So, first, I've lowered the price, recognizing that you're paying for something you won't be able to continue to access after August 27. And second, I'm speeding up releasing the episodes, 5x as fast as they'll be coming out on Vella. So the entire novel should be available by around mid-August, giving you time to read it all before it disappears. Thanks for supporting me here on Curious Fictions!