Horror Historical New Baron Vordenburg

Hearts of Ice

By Josh Reynolds
Apr 6, 2021 · 5,926 words · 22 minutes

Three Hills sheds

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash.

From the author: Baron Vordenburg confronts a cannibalistic horror in the Canadian wilderness...

The hunter inhaled deeply, tasting the cold air and beneath it, the tang of old death. It was a familiar smell, and almost welcome. It meant they were on the right trail. He lowered his pale gaze, taking in his new hunting ground.

The logging camp consisted of three, small irregular rows of bunkhouses as well as assorted sheds and shacks, perched on the slope of a small hill overlooking a spar of the National Railway. The bunkhouses were dark now, and silent.

Stacks of cut timber marked the...

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  • guy
    April 6, 9:48pm

    Hi Josh Another good story. I just bought Primogenitor and am looking forward to it. Thanks Guy



    • JMReynolds
      April 7, 6:17pm

      Thanks Guy! Glad you enjoyed it.