Horror Historical New Baron Vordenburg

On Dark Wings

By Josh Reynolds
Feb 22, 2021 · 6,806 words · 25 minutes

The sun peaking out of the rock as it sets on the Aegean sea.

Photo by Clark Van Der Beken via Unsplash.

From the author: Baron Vordenburg faces a flock of flying horrors in the Ionian Sea.

The sea was as smooth as Murano glass when Dandelo took Vordenburg across to the island. The motorboat growled its way across the Ionian Sea, eating up the distance hungrily. The slap of the water against the wooden hull reminded Vordenburg of the Mur, and Graz – of home. He pushed the memory aside.

Styria was home no longer, and had not been for some time. A fact Baron Palman Vordenburg was at pains to remind himself, on days like this. Since the autumn of 1919 and the dissolution of his...

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