Science Fiction space space ship cryo sleep

The Stars In Heaven Sing a Music

By Maria Haskins
Nov 14, 2020 · 1,067 words · 4 minutes

The stars in heaven sing a music


From the author: A doomed ship, and only one person left awake.

Deep inside the damaged spaceship, in the room the crew named the Nursery, Tessa sings a song her Mama used to sing. She sings while she tries and fails to repair the life support system. Tessa’s breaths are labored, and the last dose of pharmaceuticals she made the ship dispense for her isn’t helping the way it should, the way it did at first.

There are 50 children in the nursery, but they are not awake, nor are they sleeping. They are in stasis, each one sealed in their own cryo-pod. Tessa...

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