Fantasy post-apocalyptic

The Marred Lands, Chapter 1

By Thomas Parrott
Oct 17, 2020 · 8,855 words · 33 minutes

The marred lands   6

Art by Nicholas Wolf.  

From the author: Semya Zann lives alone in the woods, an outcast due to their mutated flesh. That comes to an end when a mercenary arrives seeking a guide to the mining town of Balhar. People there are disappearing, stolen in the night. And what is behind these attacks may be monstrous indeed...

My name is Semya Zann, and I am marred.

I fear I have lost you already with this admission. I have wrestled with how to begin this chronicle for many reasons. Surely another voice would be better? Beyond my condition, I am not lettered, nor even the most widely travelled among my compatriots. I thought of trying to hide what I am.
Luccia would not hear of it.

‘They will scoff at this the moment they understand my nature,’ I told her.

‘That is exactly why they need to hear it from you,’ she...

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  • Anataru
    October 18, 12:51am

    Very interesting! Like the setting and characters. Damncliffhangers



  • Ridge Fairy
    October 19, 9:09pm

    So many questions. Can't wait for the answers!



  • Roswald
    about 10 hours ago

    Brilliant! Can't wait to read more!!