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Tolya's Twabbles

By Anatoly Belilovsky
Sep 21, 2020 · 168 words · 1 minute

Snowflake in Flushing, Michigan

Photo by Aaron Burden via Unsplash.

Wrote a bunch of twabbles some years ago. Decided to resurrect them now.

Apologies in advance.


I will never forgive the aliens for exterminating our planet's dominant life form with a tailored virus. I loved my cat.

Without looking, she pointed a gun behind her.

"A widow always knows where her husband is," she said and shot the zombie.

"She'll ruin your faith with her casual lies," the phone sang.

I never programmed that as her ringtone. Smart phone, eh?

"Singularity Left Me Behind," said a sign on a Sony vendomat.

I put a coin in its slot.

"Domo origato, Mr Roboto," it said.

They looked like cabbages. Except for the tentacles. I looked at the sign again.

Department of AgriCTHULHUture.


"Mozgi," zombie moaned.

"#5 brain shop," I said. "Queue over there."

Zombie left.

Is good to live in socialist country.

"You've heard of the No Child Left Behind Law, haven't you?" Santa shouted to Little Timmy as sleigh bells rang merrily.

Anatoly Belilovsky

Nasty, brutish and short. And that's just the fiction.