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Watch the Flank (Sundering War 1)

By Thomas Parrott
Sep 1, 2020 · 4,627 words · 17 minutes

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Art by Juan Ochoa.  

From the author: Bond-Pilot Leyna Raskin has the mundane task of watching the flank of her regiment's march to Fort Rigour. But war is full of the unexpected, and simple duties can get complicated fast...

Watch the Flank

by Thomas Parrott

(Thank you to Jennie R. and Daniel S. for editorial notes)

It was late afternoon on a crisp autumn day. The sky was clear and sunlight slanted down between the trunks of the trees. The leaves had turned, painting the forest in brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Raw magic crystalised from the saturated air, dusting the leaves with tiny aether crystals. Bond-Pilot Leyna Raskin stayed resolutely facing the setting sun for a moment more. As long as she...

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  • Ridge Fairy
    September 1, 9:36pm

    More, please!